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How Leather is Made
How Leather is Made

Ever wonder how leather is made? Here's the 23-step process of making leather and preparing it for manufacturing handbags, footwear, and garments.

A Peek at Chic Upcycled Accessory Brand Tega Akinola

Tega Akinola, a young 22 year old designer from the UK, is turning thrifted socks and sweaters into chic upcycled accessories, one of our favorite designers in sustainable fashion.

Making a Hardware Mold for Handbags
How Hardware is Made for a Handbag

When designing a handbag collection, you may want to create your own custom branded hardware to make your product unique and recognizable. Ever wonder how custom hardware for handbags is made?

UX UI Design Trends 2022 Title Image
2022 UX and UI Design Trends

Consumer behaviors, attitudes, and buying habits have all been changed by COVID-19. The overwhelming shift towards eCommerce over in-store experiences, as well as an increased focus on sustainability and premium experiences. Continue reading below for our top eCommerce Trends for 2022.

Image of RFTKT Digital Sneaker
NIKE acquires NFT company RTFKT – Digital Fashion Trends

The massive deal between NIKE and RTFKT paves the way for fashion and a magnificent breakthrough into the world of NFTs. RTFKT, as you might already know, is a cutting edge content creation company best known for making virtual sneakers and collectables.

Models Backstage at Fashion Show
How to Launch a Successful Fashion Brand

You are passionate about fashion. You want to launch a fashion brand or clothing line, but you don't know how to make it successful. To make your dreams come true, you need to take into account all the details. Launching a Successful Fashion Brand is much more than designing great…

Accessories Trends 2022
Upcoming Spring 2022 Accessory Trends

The accessories market is booming, allowing for designers to get creative (and weird) on the Spring 2022 Runway Shows. Here are 9 Trends that caught our attention.

Gucci Launches Vault Online
Gucci Launches Online Concept Store

Gucci has become the latest amongst Fashion Brands experimenting with UI/UX design to enhance digital experiences and online shopping, with the launch of the Online Concept Store, Vault.

Spring 2022 Fashion Color Trends
Spring 2022 Runway Color Trends

The Spring 2022 Runway Shows presented a mix of Color Trends including optimistic, dynamic colors and serene neutrals and pastels. Take a look at some color trend highlights...

Vegan Leather Alternatives

Fashion companies aim to source at least half of their products with sustainable materials by 2025. We highlight some of the best Vegan Leather Alternatives...


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